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tax reform. there's a whole bunch we could work on that would be great. maybe we ought to look at some of those things like health care system costs and what the government is going to be paying in the next few years that is not discriminatory spending. it is getting smaller and smaller because of mandatory programs. they need to take a look at those programs and see what they can do to maybe get that in check. we don't have out-of-control spending and we get caught up in laws that require mandatory spending and we have no flexibility and the debt keeps going up. stacy from arlington, virginia with some of his ideas and some of the short and long- term issues that he thinks congress needs to tackle. nbc the subject of an story talking about congresses to do list for the end of 2013. calling that to do list a might do list. some of the issues on that might in the last month of the year. it notes expiring tax provisions , that more than 60 tax provisions are set to expire at year's end. also on thatalso on that my to-s the medicare reimbursement for doc there's. --for doctors.
freedom. less red tape, less taxes, more money left in detroit. the answer to poverty and unemployment is not another government stimulus. it's simply leaving more money in the hands of those who earned it. today i'm here to introduce something i call economic freedom zones. this is a bill that will be introduced next week in washington. these freedom zones will dramatically reduce tax and red tape so detroit businesses can grow and throb. he called his plan a conservative war on poverty. it's time we revisit some of the ideas of jack kemp and expand upon them. the bill that i will introduce, will introduce power and freedom zone. this political lower personal and corporate income taxes in detroit to 5%. my bill will lower the payroll tax, 2% for the employees, 2% for the employers. economic freedom zones will cut out the red tape that keeps new businesses from starting and old businesses from thriving. inside these ozones will suspend the capital gains tax. we will allow all small businesses to deduct most of what they invest in the first year of purchase. how will this differ from tr
. >> so, are poinsettias toxic to your pets? when you have a rebate, do you get charged tax on the original or discounted price? is it worth it to get the l.e.d. holiday rights instead of the traditional ones? time for ask liz. the first question comes from e-mail and emily is wondering, liz, if the popular poinsettia plant is actually toxic to her pets? >> we found your answer at the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. the poinsettia plants are not. the deadly flower's legend has them to be. it doesn't mean you want your pets to eat them. consuming poinsettia's may cause mild gastrointestinal problems. keeping it out of your pets reach is a good idea. >>> the next question is from ralph. he's been out holiday shopping, bought a tv that came with an instant rebate. the store charged him a sales tax on the original price of the tv instead of the discounted price. he's wondering why? >> why is that? the comptroller of maryland said the tax you pay is based on the type of coupon or rebate you use. typically, if you use a manufacturer's rebate, pay the sal
federal tax credits. the government encourages you. >> tell us about those? is it worth it to do it for the tax credit? >> it's a good deal. average price is $30,000. you can't go very far on it, not happy in it. i haven't ridden in it. i'm just talking about what consumer reports said. >> you would class it up. >> i would pimp that ride, absolutely. >> what are car manufacturers thinking? is this a big bottom line boost for them or will they back off because they are not earning money on them? >> they are really cutting into their margins. they are doing that because there's no other way to move these things off the lot. again, a lot has to do with gas prices. once they go up we see more demand. prices for other cars are going up. in one month from october to november, on average 3%, 1.1% year over year. these drastic price cuts could get them off the lot. >> would be nice to get into a tesla. >> it's a pretty car. >> as far as the gas prices you're talking about, the gas taxes are going up? >> they could. lots of talk that the gas tax is the way to fund -- can't find money anyw
handouts. he said lower the tax rate dramatically, 5% corporate and individual tax rate. school choice, education tax credits. various provisions to make it easier for people to invest in the inner city. he said, look, we tried government solutions. they haven't worked. so let's try market-based solutions, and that's his answer to a lot of these issues. i have to tell you, a steep road they have to climb. in detroit, for instance, in 2012, obama got 97% of the vote. mitt romney, 2%. >> does he actually believe the unemployment number? you know, there's been some speculation that it doesn't really accurately reflect what the situation is in our country? >> well, he points out the fact that for blacks, the unemployment rate is roughly double what it is for whites. and you know, regardless of what the statistics are, he understands there's a serious unemployment problem around the country but especially with minorities in the inner cities. he's saying that the typical liberal democratic solution is not the right way to go, that you need to go market-based and try something else because th
with entitlements, the debt or tax reform and probably won't completely fix the sequester, but aides for senator patty murray and congressman paul ryan, the budget chairs working on the deal are at least determined to keep the government open and they think they can get the plan together for a vote later this week. one of the final sticking points in the deal could be unemployment. friday the unemployment rate dropped to 7%. that's the lowest since november of 2008. federal benefits expire at the end of the year and it's not clear if an extension would be included in any budget deal. >> i don't think we've reached that point where we've said this is it, take it or leave it. what i hear from patty murray, i spoke to her the other night, negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction. >> i want to bring in our company, carrie budoff brown, ron fornier. good morning. >> good morning. >> carrie, is getting a deal done, if it does happen this week, a major milestone or is this the smallest possible thing they could do just to keep the government up and running? >> well, it's more sig
investment for our tax payers? >> it is not spending, it's an investment. you are absolutely correct. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i appreciate this opportunity. it's a fascinating conversation. i want to focus on the testimony of dr. robinson. hearing is important because it highlights the testimony of now moving as a away from a philosophy toward higher education that focuses only on access and starts to look at success. i'm a product of pell grants. i could not have graduated from wabash college without pell grants. i have lived the importance of these degrees great but the world has changed a lot in last 40 years. i would say the federal financial aid system is one of the great success stories in the history of the federal government. access, weal was provided access to higher education for people in this country like never before. the challenge is, when these programs started 40 years ago, access was enough. when you looked at the income potential is someone with just a little time in college, your income potential was higher. today, that has changed. if you don't gr
also look at closing special interest tax breaks to make sure that everybody is participating in trying to replace the sequester. we all know that the sequester is hurting the economy. the congressional budget office says it will result in 800,000 fewer jobs by this time next year, so we have to fix it, and we have to fix it in a balanced way. you have seen the reports and a lot of you have written about this. the proposals republicans have put forward as part of this income,go after middle middle-class taxpayers, and leave the highfliers alone. do they propose to do, for example? federalpose to go after peoplees, hard-working who have already taken it on the chin in terms of furloughs, the government shutdown and the sequester. want to, apparently, close a single loophole for private corporate jets, but they want to say to the traveling public, you should pay a higher airline passenger fee. we are not saying you cannot consider user fees. we find it odd that they would say they want to use airline passenger fees but not close pirate -- private corporate jet loopholes. at the same time
pay taxes on it. it causes unemployment. >> what do you say to people who lose jobs? >> listen to me. >> that doesn't help. minimum wage has nothing to do with it. >> the increase is 5% in the last 35 years. this is not america. >> we have already doubled. >> this is america. i'm proud of my country. >> we have doubled the number of people on food stamps. >> you are against filibusters. >> here's the problem. what is jamu going to say to people who lose the jobs? >> section 8 housing, food stamps. >> when you pay a minimum wage -- >> no, raise the cost of products and people buy fewer. >> people on a poverty wage, they have to get food stamps. they have to be on medicaid. >> there will be fewer people employed. sean hannity, go to mcdonald's, wendy's and say who in line the to buy hamburger wants to pay additional money for it? it will raise the price of the burger. >> you will lower the amount of people on food stamps. you will lower -- >> you're making it up. >> this is a fact. >> you're not looking at the economics. >> stop, stop. please don't filibuster. have you ever worked in a
talk about, tax, regulations. so talk about what you're hearing on the hill, what you're hearing at the white house. is there a chance to pass minimum wage nationally even through the senate? >> the minimum wage talk -- you hear that much more to the side than the unemployment insurance. steve and his chart noted minimum wage hiked in bush years 2007 the country had not gone through a recession and things were looking good. it took a huge amount of capital from the senators. ted kennedy keys speech pushed the bill over the top. i don't hear much talk or optimism that we're going to get a hike to $10.10. in fact you hear more skepticism about that. with respect to unemployment insurance, you're starting to see the debate heat up in part because it comes at a cruel time. it would be right after christmas, december 28th. you have about 1.3 million people losing benefits. the question is how do you pay for it. right now the cost is about $25 billion so these budget negotiations that are happening right now they are trying to figure out if they can find money to pay for that $25 billi
are making big money taking advantage of the cigarette tax and then selling them at a higher price in other states. at today's hearing leaders will recommend a study that could turn enforcement to the alcohol beverage control department. 5 5:04 now. heads up if you are parking along the d.c. street car corridor in northeast d.c. police will begin ticketing drivers who are not parking properly. this is happening along "h" street from union station to benning road in northeast. transportation reporter add ak tuss is live. >> reporter: as if it isn't hard enough to park all across the city, now we have to relearn how to park in this section of the city. see this white line here? all the cars have to be behind this white line on "h" street because, yeah, the street car tracks are right there and you need enough clearance to let the street cars go through. now it's important to note that street cars have not started running here yet but the testing process is expect ed to start i the coming weeks. ddot leaders starting this ticket i ticketing and towing campaign to get drivers used to parking he
to keep government going and on the debt ceiling. we are going to see again and again a tax on obama care. they have more political power as you implied because the rollout has been so terrible. even though things are better today, 300,000 people went on the site. we watched a man in d.c. try to do it and he got a screen saying sorry, we are really busy. it's not what you are supposed to be seeing on december 2nd. back to you. >> thanks, steve. >>> a new lottery system began for food truck operators. popular spots are being reserved through a lottery. district officials say the goal is to help control eight of the most sought after locations. now the vendors can keep their spot for 30 days, then it's up for grabs, again. >> the benefits now of food trucks are going to come to customers and, you know, the city is going to recognize tax revenue and permanent revenue. it worked out well with respect to the restaurants as well. we are pleased th ed that it's happened the way it has. >> trucks that don't participate in the latry can still sell food but have to stay away from these designations
of this is that we are very dependent on property taxes so beyond the education cost-sharing dollars that the state distributes everything else is basically tied to local property taxes. those bases aren't growing anymore so p. shuler -- people are forced to work together and i think the folks that will leave this discussion are actually in the communities right now looking at how do you continue to support education when your list is not growing. it will drive innovation. >> as far as funding for education over say the next five years doesn't look like it's going to be flat or will it be down or will it be a? >> i think it's a little early to tell. this is the slowest recovery from a recession in the post world war ii era and i am visiting you here in washington but the folks in washington seem to put the brakes on the economy every six months or so. or even more often than not. they are not helping and with first act to growth in the economy. i think that americans will put more money into education and the economy is doing better or when they confront the fact that the funding education is actua
and get our economy moving again. he talked about three things. expand access, provide refundable tax cut its, and extend unemployment benefits. at was the way to get us back on track. today, we will hear from a panel who will explain unemployment insurance and families and the american economy and why it's imperative for this congress to move and act before the year ends. thank you, madam leader. >> we are going to go to introduction of the witnesses. i'm going to start with ms. was come into has been executive director of the law project since january 2, 2008. she has worked at the afl-cio, she is focused on minimum wage, living wage, pay equity for women. many issues we are pursuing around this country through our membership. we want to introduce each of the witnesses first or do we want to have them testify one at a time? >> we would ask you to make your statement brief so we can get to all the witnesses. >> we really appreciate the committee holding this important hearing today on what is an urgent matter for millions of americans. who will lose their unemployment benefits over the h
levels and maybe even the year after that. revenue that are not new taxes. we will see discussions about moving forward to get them over the last little bit. pelosi is insisting unemployment benefits need to be part of the discussion. >> the extension has allowed people to receive benefits for 18 months and expires the week after christmas. pelosi wanted to see that extended another year. it is pressing very hard for . speaker boehner has left the door open and said he would be open to having another extension. there are no real repercussions immediately. they will have defined some other way to keep government funded. they could reach a deal next week, like a race between the farm bill and a budget committee and conference committee trying to get something done. it will take a lot to bring people together to try to find the votes necessary to pass it. >> just before the thanksgiving break, the senate was working on the defense authorization bill. our those going? >> they thought they were going to vote in the senate. it could drag into the new year. >> with the filibuster rules changed
tax. this is kyle -- fairfax. this is quite a deal. 53 college park and even 56 in waldorf. okay, so mild tonight. mainly dry. you may see a couple of showers but primarily after midnight. and then mild at the bus stop. 48 to 54. that's a good deal. and then the 60s roll in tomorrow. we're talking -- we're not talking about low 60s we're talking about mid- to upper 60s and well into the 60s everybody tomorrow and then a wet finish to the week. and weave had showers in all week but i think friday would be good day to actually take your umbrella. enough showers to warrant that. for tonight, mostly cloudy. quite mild. shower possible. low only around 50 and winds out of the south at around 10 and maybe some upper 40s in the 'burbs but either side of 50. certainly downtown. 60 by 11:00. and low 60s by 1:00. next three days, still mild on friday. good news. bad news some showers and some light rain. 60. maybe a morning shower on saturday. then colder. only in the 40s on saturday. that will set the stage for what is not going to be a snow event. it's going to be an ice event. very shallow
for this. if you talk about a waste gap in this country and they are taxing the heck out of the upper end of that another allows all votes to flow. so where have they been and when have you started caring? and just remember this, you can't raise the wage of quality anymore than that. and let us also remember that it is only a small price of that is paid at the minimum wage level. before they advance in before in their good work leads to good things and better pay. not governments and unions. whining about injustice only works if you are seeking justice welcome to our guests. these individuals don't like the wages and easier said than done. >> we have millions of americans out of work. i'm sure that they would love to have these jobs that the fast food workers don't. obamacare is already killing jobs and you have employers say that i'm not going to hire because i can't afford to pay health insurance and wages for 50 plus employees, and like you said, you know, it really harms minorities, blacks and hispanics get harmed because we always have higher unemployment rates. and doubling the mini
the entire financial system or leave taxpayers at risk. dodd-frank prohibits the use of tax dollars. useequires that we will and the tools that the law provides. the largest financial companies have already submitted living wills or blueprints for how to unwind firms if they fail. regulators will require firms to rework these plans if they are not credible. if firms are not able to provide a credible plan, regulators can impose remedies, including requiring firms to divest or realign their businesses. -- realtors have ade clear -- and they are continuing to develop strategies and guidance for resolving major institutions with minimum disruption to the financial system. there is still more work to do, particularly to make sure that international rules mess with our own sins, as we know too well, financial crises do not respect national borders. while we will not know how well these tools work for certain until they are tested by a true crisis, several things are clear. dodd-frank ended too big to fail as a matter of law. tough rules are now in place to make sure that banks have the c
: they want more than a new election, they want the government rid of yingluck shinawatra and any kind of tax and regime influence as they say. this is something that is right through the last two weeks and any influence that the ruling party has because of the connection to the yingluck shinawatra the prime minister in exile and they got elections to take place in the next five to six weeks the leader of the antigovernment union saying that is not enough and spoke before we came on air but will speak again on the stage behind me in the coming hours. this is a big rallying speech because this is the final day of this type, this phase if you will of this movement. it will be interesting to see how they transition after they spend the night and transition into more of a political fight and sounds like the protest leader says they have done this part of it and gone to the street and proven their point this way and getting the goal of the resignation of the prime minist minist minister yingluck shinawatra is the big question. >> reporter: since 2001 the pew thai party has won't every election an
and medicare. they're going to get savings better known as cuts. a that budget also included tax cut that was paid for with an asterisk, meaning the ways and means committee and appropriations committee would have to figure out how to fill the $5.7 trillion hole. arithmetic requires you to recognize you can only fill the hole by either raising taxes or additional cuts. now we know that republicans are opposed to tax increases and the only real big ticket item left that could come anywhere close to filling that hole would be social security and medicare. the only thing on the table left to pay for that the c.b.c. budget does not include an ast risk or other budget gimmicks. our budget outlines a concrete plan that makes tough choices and presents credible options to achieve our budget reduction targets. the c.b.c. budget calls for revenue enhancements totaling $2.7 trillion over the next decade. our budget outline house the house ways and means committee and the senate finance committee can reach this number by highlighting several revenue options totaling $4.2 trillion that could be
are going to come to customers and, you know, the city is going to recognize tax revenue and permanent revenue. it worked out well with respect to the restaurants as well. we are very pleased that it has happened the way it has. >> truck that is don't participate in the lottery can sell food on district streets but they have to stay at least 200 feet away from the designated locations and pay the parking meter fees. cars will also be ticketed if they park in a vendors reserved spot. >>> up in the sky, changes could be coming to the city's skyline. monday, a congressional hearing takes place about updating the district's building height law that has been around for more than 100 years. it requires buildings to be no taller than the streets they are facing. officials want to allow taller buildings for the growth going on downtown. the planning commission voted for no major changes. >> interesting. looking up today, all we saw, clouds. >> clouds, but -- >> no rain or anything. >> no, no, no. we are not going have big storms, either. up, down, up, down. this week, we are going back up. han
four years, they will take in $3.4 million in sales tax revenue. >> you can take this truck anywhere in the neighborhood. anywhere in the community, anywhere in the city. >> i think they are excellent. yeah. this is a little pricey, but -- >> some of the customers are not yet sold on the food truck lottery. they missed some of the trucks that did not participate or win the most coveted site. >> the only thing we can see here is reduced joyce for consumers. and so i'm concerned about the opportunities for citizens that, you know, choose where they want to eat. >> what would you like to see added? >> more comfort foods. >> more comfort food. >> yeah, soup, stews. >> a new lottery is held every month. trucks and locations are certain to change. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> the eight assigned food truck spaces are at franklin square, gw university, lafont plaza, metro center, union station, and the virginia avenue side of the state department. >>> a couple water main breaks made it difficult. the larger one happened here in northeast d.c. and that is a major commuter route. the eastb
merchandise theft inflates prices. >> it's a hidden tax. they are paying because shoplifting is ongoing. >> it doesn't mean due process should be taken away. >> reporter: he chairs the consumer affairs committee. stores have a right to sue. charging a fine while he or she is being held captive is an overreach, even if there's evidence of theft. >> certainly doesn't mean any individual should be extorted. no one should have to pay money on the spot because a store has taken them into custody. >> macy's didn't share a written policy they have for detaining shoplifters or demanding on the spot payment, however they told nbc new york staff is prohibits from using coercioerciocoercion. >>> a warhol painting of kim kardashian may come true. he made a deal with monica warhol. she's making the painting happen like her famous cousin, she makes silkscreen works from photographs. when asked about painting kardashian, she said she's famous for nothing, andy would have loved her. >>> a puppy learned a hard lesson about chasing squirrels. the pipe was small. too tight a squeeze for this little guy. t
? when you get a rebate do you get charged tax on the original or discounted price? is it worth getting the l.e.d. lights? we have that answer at 5:00. >> all right. we want to know the answers. thanks, liz. barbara? >>> coming up, eating healthy doesn't just take self-control, it's pricier. we have the number on the cost of eating healthy. >>> parts of the country getting slammed by the inter storm system. creating treacherous conditions. we have a live report from arkansas. veronica, what does the weather look like in our area? >> for us, rain tonight. a winter type weekend with icy travel likely. how much ice and how will it impact your sunday drive and monday morning >>> a shocking police involved crash is just in. let's go to scott macfarlane at the live desk. >> this is powerful video. the person involved is not seriously hurt. san diego, a san diego sheriff squad making a left turn and slamming into that woman on a mobility scooter. the woman's bag knocked to the ground. fortunately, she's expected to be fine. witnesses tell our sister station in san diego the woman had the right
. $15 an hour, tax the rich, you must have health insurance or else. here is my take on the command economy. that's what it is. the left quarterbacked by president obama is trying to command the return of prosperity, command fairness, with an of a magic wand and command the economy to obey the white house. look at the $15 an hour movement. they want to legislate wages. it's not what you bring to the wage table, it's what politicians decree you should be paying, that's a command. look at the tax the rich idea. and that's an attempt to command income equality. wave that wand, make them pay, even more, and they tell you we will be all more equal. really? and how has that been going for the las five years. and then obamacare, perhaps the new motherload of the command economy, you shall have health insurance. you will give us your personal information, and stop whining if we lose it. you had enough of this yet? you see, it doesn't work. command economies do not produce widespread prosperity. they do not produce fairness, it is the politically connected to win by command. but most importa
they qualify for tax subsidies to lower costs. there are so-called back end problems the way customers get information to insurance companies may mean some people who think they are signing up won't actually be covered. earlier this morning on "fox & friends" former vice president dick cheney said the long list of issues with the law is evidence that the government should stay out of personal health care. take a listen. >> the idea that the government that can't bring us a website that will function effectively is now also going to deliver a better health care system, i just find ridiculous. if you can't design and run a website, what the heck are you doing messing with the health care system of the united states? jenna: peter doocy is live in washington with more on this story and has been looking at the website since it launched, peter. what can customers do today and see today they couldn't on launch day? >> reporter: jenna it is very easy to see your deductible and out-of-pocket costs right next to your potential premium and that information is available for the first time on one scree
that were included in the ryan budget but the republicans wanted to give tax breaks to millionaires. a couple of questions. the implication by my colleague, dr. burgess was changes that would eliminate and narrow networks are caused by the affordable care act. and i'm just wondering in your research, i know with part d it's important to check every year to make sure that the formulary is the same. with medicare advantage, aren't changes likely in the network or something prior to the affordable care act as well? >> yes, i think there is a lot of volitility in this private marketplace swems in the part d marketplace. so every year we are very clear with beneficiaries if they have a part d plan they need to check that coverage because the formularies change every year and provider networks change every year. and it not just the plan that drives changes, providers also decide to leave the network or to no longer be involved. >> but this is not new? >> no, this is an inherent part of the medicare plan that was around in the mid 190eu's and before. this is an ongoing issue, this instabil
the one that best represents you. we take a look at tax rates. it is congress that appears to allow a certain batch of temporary tax breaks to last at the end of 2013. ray from oklahoma city oklahoma, you are up next. are you there? good morning, you are on. i was calling about -- our man is going to make mistakes. the problem with the world, it does not have anything to do with obama. we have taken god out of everything he is doing. the next thing, minimum wage. i talked to a lot of people atut minimum wage at 7:25 -- $7.25 an hour. people say if you raise minimum wage, the influence will go up. everything else is already going up except minimum wage. years taken almost four to get it to seven dollars $.25. i am 61 years old, i am retired, and i have four kids. i have kids working for memo wage. they got student loans to pay back. journal"ll street talking about unemployment benefits in several stories, set to expire on september 28. several democrats are pushing for a vote to extend the benefits. house democrats propose renewing the program for $25 billion but have no way to offse
to provide refundable tax credits and extend unemployment benefits. today we hear from a panel who will explain exactly how unemployment insurance benefits families and the american economy and why it is imperative for this congress to move and act before the year ends. thank you, madam leader. >> we'll go to introduction of the witnesses. mr. laurel and i are going to share. i'll start with ms. owens who has been the executive director of the national employment law project since january of 2008, and she's seen the efforts that that institution oversee the effects of the great recession. she's worked at the afl-cio, focused on minimum wage, living wage hikes, pay equity for women, many issues we're pursuing around this country. ms. owens we welcome you. we want to introduce each witness first or have them testify one at a time? >> okay. we'd ask you to make your statement brief so we can get to all witnesses. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the committee holding this important hearing today on what is an urgent matter for millions of americans who will lose their unemployment
. again. what about tax reform. they always talk about it. immigration reform. that farm bill is already two years overdue. with all this unfinished business, what are they doing? let me give you a hint. according to "the washington post" only five days are planned in december when the house and the senate will both be in washington. just five days for senators and members of congress to work together and actually solve problems. they don't operate in a vacuum. they can't get work done if they're not both working together or even working. that is a fact. now, that's not to say some are not working. it's the institution that's the problem. the institution has a lousy work ethic. as long as we are content to be the enablers, you and me, it'll get worse. my view, time's up. either they stay in washington for a full month of work in december and prove they really care, or they should be voted out. no questions asked. and regardless of party. if you don't want to work. just go. that's my off the record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the re
tax, maybe you don't want to get too used to that. the supreme court refused to intervene over state sales taxes for purchases on it is likely to prompt more states to collect taxes on internet sales. >> meantime the numbers are in and cyber monday was a huge success for retailers. sales were up nearly 20% for last year. don't worry if you missed out. there's plenty of time to score dealers. they have extended their deals for what they're calling cyber week. >> if you haven't booked the holiday flights, here's what you can expect. a airfares are up slightly from last week. a cross country weekday flight should you run about $560 and $670 on the weekend. a shorter weekday flight averages about 350 or $520 friday through sunday. >> we've got news this morning on a possible christmas tree crisis. a root root targeting the popular frazier fur species has farmers scrambling to come up with a plan b. that could cost farmers hundreds of millions of dollars if it's n not contained. some were like turkish furs more resistant to the rot. >> it is the season of giving and according
taxes. >> it breaks it down, the sort of back and forth. it seems to be that rangle is, as they describe it, old school. he's been there for 44 years, harlem congressman. he does it old school and he has seen president obama as an up start, a beginner. he famously backed hillary clinton. and then of course when he was elected, brought na office. charlie rangel thought he would have access to the white house as chairman of the house ways and means committee. he didn't get access. >> and who did? >> al sharpton. that's who they went with for their community outreach. they went with al sharpton over charlie rangel. charlie rangel has been pretty honest about the failures of obama care. the real difference is style. charlie rangel likes other people. he is a warm person. spend an afternoon with charlie rangel. he exsuds an affection for other human beings. that is wholly absent from president obama. name five people close to him? they don't exist. you can name 500 for charlie rangel. >> remember the picture of him on the beach in the dominican republic. he evaded taxes on the cottage. the pr
. on unemployment insurance still have to pay federal income tax. because of sequestration, the and employment i -- the unemployment insurance got reduced. i am making less money. we still have to pay federal income tax on that. they say these people will stay on unemployment and not look for work. unemployment does not pay that much. it is not like you are collecting $1000 a week. it is only like $371 a week with sequestration. it is a good thing my wife works full time. for long-term unemployment, it is not much. unemployment does not last long. i would like your guest to comment on that. guest: there is no doubt unemployment does not replace the income of the job. i think it does speak to the fact that american families are having to readjust their lifestyle and get by with less. when they do take a job, taking $20 an hourom a job. hopefully unemployment gives them time to find the best job for their families. ideologically on the other side, some people say there would be a sense of urgency when benefits run out. host: let me go through the breakdown of the numbers based on gender and race.
the budget caps in place, not raise taxes, which is important during this weak economy, and actually avoid a government shutdown. so i'm hopeful that even by the end of this week we'll be able to come together and achieve that. >> i certainly hope as part of it that the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say. there are working families across america that are struggling. there are unemployed families who need a helping hand. we've got to protect and preserve the safety net in america and give these working families a fighting chance. >> so alex, of course there you have republican rob portman, democrat dick durbin. and you heard senator durbin talking about unemployment insurance. that is still the main sticking point. democrats, the president want unemployment insurance extended for 1.3 million americans. that's expected to expire at the end of the year. they say if that's not continued, it would be bad for those workers and also bad for the economy. republicans say look at these latest job figures. they're an indication that we don't need more stimulus spending. but
, i'm from a blue state, you're not as blue, so i want to come here -- >> i moved here for the taxes, which is -- >> a lot of massachusetts people did move there for the taxes, so maybe -- >> live free or die more that may help. i think i agree with your analogy on wyoming, especially because -- this was a problem for liz cheney, she made headlines after she tried to get a fishing license and wasn't there for long enough to get a fishing license. if you can't get a fishing license, that's a sign to voters that, maybe you're not really from here. >> you're setting up one of our forth coming rules, we have three more we'll get to. rule number three after this. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical f
and entrepreneurs, and have essentially a tax across our entire economy on innovation and job growth. i strongly encourage my colleagues to support this bill and appreciation -- appreciate the good work of representative goodlatte and lofgren in bringing this bill to us to the floor today. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from colorado yields back. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. conyers: we are ready to close on this side. mr. goodlatte: at this time, madam chairman, it is my pleasure to yield 1 additional minute to the gentleman from utah, mr. chaffetz. the chair: the gentleman from utah is recognized for one minute. mr. chaffetz: thank you. i thank chairman goodlatte. i thank members on both sides of the aisle for working on this. the 112th congress, i worked closely with congressman defazio on the shield act. but a much better bill is before us today. i want people to understand the gravity of the problem and who is also being attacked. i find this fascinating. 55%, 55% of troll suits involve companies with annual revenues of $10 million or less. y
education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside the pell grant. let states do what they think is best in order achieve the type of outcome they have in indiana. imagine being able to stay to an eighth grade student. it you are responsible and work hard in high school. we'll guarantee you can go to a four--- a college public college of your choice within the your state at very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise is possible. students who have the talent, desire, and drive to pursue the post secondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the ability to pay. i think it's right today. thank you. recognized for five minutes. >> i am pleased to be here today to present this testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 -- and the nearly 6,000 pell grant recipients we're currently serving, we are happy to engage with the committee on how we can improve the pell grant program especially in the area of increased flexibility for nontraditional students encouraging completion, defining an identifying the neediest students, and el
fees, things like that. but no mage deer sigses here on taxes or entitlement programs. they're kicking the can down the road. dick doiben the number two senate democrat said negotiations are going in the right direction. >> negotiations are making progress moving in the right direction. they haven't closed the deal. >> they haven't closed the deal. what's needed to close the deal? >> there's some issues out there, sticking points. if they replace the sequester cuts there's going to be criticisms for the idea they put in place. one is asking more federal employees to contribute more to their pension programs. this is adamantly opposed by a ot of federal workers. that's one issue. there are also questions about whether you extend unemployment benefits, emergency unemployment benefits. nancy pelosi would like to see part of the package. but that still is a question mark. it's going to cost about $25 billion. then the bigger question is at the end of the day can whatever ryan and murray put together, can it pass the respective chambers? there's still going to be some drama when this comes
and higher tax dollars should we pay for those uninsured people when they need health care services, which everybody does at some point in time to the idea behind this economically is that we are going to get everybody in this pool, everybody by in, and that will redistribute all the costs across much bigger pool of people and that is going to help people find savings. they will go to the doctor earlier. they will end up in the emergency room because they will get preventive care. they will see a doctor to treat her condition and treated when it is cheaper. that is the idea that the when theytion had said it would lower costs but it will be over time in over a very long period of time. host: i want to turn to the subject that is given the white house a lot of grief. "if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan," and the cancellation of plans in recent months. i went to get the latest on the president's efforts to reinstate the health care plans that were canceled. where is the white house on them? guest: the white house said that states and insurance c
doing that with respect to a number of higher education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside of the program. outside of the unsubsidized ones delivering that money to the states, then what's the states do what they think is best in order to achieve the type of outcome that they have in indiana. imagine being able to say to an eighth-grade student if you work hard in high school would guarantee that you can go to a four year -- you can go to a college -- you can go to a public college of your choice with your state at the very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise as possible. students that have the talent and the desire to drive the postsecondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the inability to pay. that was the vision 40 years ago. i still think that it's right to do. >> thank you mr. dannenberg. mr. heath coming you are recognized for five minutes. >> chairwoman fox, ranking member hinojosa and members of the committee. i'm pleased to be here today to present his testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 prof
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